CHIMIA 6/2014, Vol. 68

Fluorine Chemistry 2014 06


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First Isolation of Enantiopure Per uoroalkylated Sul limines and Sulfoximines
T.-N. Le, E. Kolodziej, P. Diter, B. Pégot, C. Bournaud, M. Toffano, R. Guilot, G. Vo-Thanh*, E. Magnier* 

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Icon ExternalLinkFluorotetrahydroquinolines from Diethyl 2-Fluoromalonate Ester
C. A. Fisher, A. Harsanyi, G. Sandford*, D. S. Yu t, J. A. K. Howard 

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An Improved Process for the Preparation of an α,α-Di uorosulfonylisoxazoline Herbicide
C. Belie, J. Boehmer, E. Clarke, A. Dalençon, J. Dallimore, M. Diggelmann*, M. El Qacemi,
K. Ingram, A. Knee, T. Kozakiewicz, A. Longstaff, D. McCormack, M. McLachlan, N. Mulholland, A. Plant, J. Williams 

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