CHIMIA 7-8/2014, Vol. 68


Laureates of the SCS Awards and Fall Meeting 2014 2014 07 08


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Icon ExternalLinkThree Decades of Structure- and Property-based Molecular Design
Klaus Müller
KGF-SCS Distinguished Industrial Investigator Award 2013 

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SOM230: A New Therapeutic Modality for Cushing’s Disease
I. Lewis§*, H. A. Schmid, R. Kneuer, D. Hoyer, A. P. Silva, G. Weckbecker, C. Bruns, J. Pless
§KGF-SCS Senior Industrial Investigator Award 2013 

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New Trends in (heterogeneous) Catalysis for the Fine Chemicals Industry
W. Bonrath
KGF-SCS Senior Industrial Investigator Award 2013 

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Adventures in Drug-like Chemistry Space: From Oxetanes to Spiroazetidines and Beyond!
M. Rogers-Evans§*, H. Knust, J.-M. Plancher, E. M. Carreira, G. Wuitschik, J. Burkhard, D. B. Lib, C. Guérot
§KGF-SCS Industrial Investigator Award 2013 

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Molecular Switches as Platforms for Information Processing
U. Pischel
Grammaticakis-Neumann Award 2013 

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Taming Hypervalent Bonds and Strained Rings for Catalysis and Synthesis
F. de Nanteuil, Y. Li, M. V. Vita, R. Frei, E. Serrano, S. Racine, J. Waser§*
§Werner Prize 2014 

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