CHIMIA 9/2014, Vol. 68


Computational Chemistry in Switzerland 2014 09


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Mechanisms of Ligand–Protein Interaction in Sec-14-like Transporters Investigated by Computer Simulations
R. E. Helbling, C. Lamprakis, W. Aeschimann, C. S. Bolze, A. Stocker*, M. Cascella* 

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Lessons from Nature: Computational Design of Biomimetic Compounds and Processes
E. Bozkurt, N. Ashari, N. Browning, E. Brunk, P. Campomanes, M. A. S. Perez, U. Rothlisberger* 

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Coping with Polypharmacology by Computational Medicinal Chemistry
G. Schneider*, D. Reker, T. Rodrigues, P. Schneider 

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Chemicals Inducing Seed Germination and Early Seedling Development
E. Villedieu-Percheron, M. Lachia, P. M. J. Jung, C. Screpanti, R. Fonné-P ster, S. Wendeborn, D. Zurwerra, A. De Mesmaeker* 

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