CHIMIA 10/2014, Vol. 68


Food Analysis 2014 10


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Icon ExternalLinkPrenyl Ethers: Novel Fungal Volatiles Formed by Penicillium digitatum
T. M. Amrein*, P. Frey, R. Meier, H. Baumann, M. Tanner, K. F. Gassenmeier 

  696 Icon OpenAccessContent  Icon ExternalLinkUse of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) Determination (18 O/16 O)to Assess the Local Origin of Fish and Asparagus in Western Switzerland
J. S. Rossier*, V. Maury, B. de Voogd, E. Pfammatter
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Icon ExternalLinkDevelopment and Validation of a P-35S, T-nos, T-35S and P-FMV Tetraplex Real-timePCR Screening Method to Detect Regulatory Genes of Genetically Modified Organisms in Food
A. Eugster*, P. Murmann, A. Kaenzig,   A.Breitenmoser

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Icon ExternalLinkUnexpected Occurrence of Caffeine in Sleep-Inducing Herbal Teas
C. Mathon, P. Edder, P. Christen*, S. Bieri

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Icon ExternalLinkThe TTC Approach in Practice and its Impact on Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Food Safety. A Regulatory Toxicologist’s Perspective
B. J. Brüschweiler

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Icon ExternalLinkDevelopment and in-house Validation of a Rapid LC-MS/MS Method for the Semi-quantification of Eleven Mycotoxins in Maize Samples
X. Boutsiadou-Theurillat*, P. Meier, C. Richard

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Icon ExternalLinkResults of an International Interlaboratory Trial to Determine Twelve Allergens Using Real-time PCR- and ELISA-based Assays
R. Köppel*, J. Rentsch, J. Ruf, A. Eugster, C. Graf, N. Felderer, K. Pietsch, E. Ilg

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Icon ExternalLinkMicrosatellite Analysis of Perch (Perca fluviatilis ) and its Genetic Authentication of Geographical Localization
J. Rolli, S. Girardet, C. Monachon, C. Richard*

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Icon ExternalLinkTargeted Screening and Quantification of dl-PCBs and Dioxins in Various Foodstuffs by Programmed-temperature Vaporizer Large-volume Injection Coupled to GC–MS
N. H. Ho*, A. Bugey, P. Zimmerli, J. Nançoz, D. Ortelli, P. Edder

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