CHIMIA 11/2014, Vol. 68

Environmental Chemistry 2014 11


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Icon ExternalLinkIron Biogeochemistry in Aquatic Systems: From Source to Bioavailability
L. Norman, D. J. E. Cabanes, S. Blanco-Ameijeiras, S. A. M. Moisset, C. S. Hassler*

  772 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkEnvironmental Sensing of Aquatic Systems at the University of Geneva
E. Bakker*, M.-L. Tercier-Waeber, T. Cherubini, M. Coll Crespi, G. A. Crespo, M. Cuartero,
M. Ghahraman Afshar, Z. Jarolimova, S. Jeanneret, S. Mongin, B. Néel, N. Pankratova,
R. Touilloux, X. Xie, J. Zhai
  778 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkThe Use of Passive Samplers to Reveal Industrial and Agricultural Pollution Trends in Swiss Rivers
A. Schopfer, N. Estoppey, J. Omlin, R. Udrisard, P. Esseiva, L. F. de Alencastro*
  783 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkManufactured Nanoparticle Behavior and Transformations in Aquatic Systems; Isotope Effects as New Proxies for Organic Pollutant Transformation
F. Loosli, F. Mohd Omar, F. Carnal, O. Oriekhova, A. Clavier, Z. Chai, S. Stoll*
  788 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkIsotope Effects as New Proxies for Organic Pollutant Transformation
T. B. Hofstetter*, J. Bolotin, S. G. Pati, M. Skarpeli-Liati, S. Spahr, R. S. Wijker
  793 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkExploring the Behaviour of Emerging Contaminants in the Water Cycle using the Capabilities of High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
J. Hollender*, M. Bourgin, K. B. Fenner, P. Longrée, C. S. McArdell, C. Moschet, M. Ruff,
E. L. Schymanski, H. P. Singer
  799 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkTowards Mechanistic Understanding of Mercury Availability and Toxicity to Aquatic Primary Producers
P. Dranguet, R. Flück, N. Regier, C. Cosio, S. Le Faucheur, V. I. Slaveykova*
  806 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkChemical Aspects of Nanoparticle Ecotoxicology
L. Sigg*, R. Behra, K. Groh, C. Isaacson, N. Odzak, F. Piccapietra, L. Röhder, H. Schug,
Y. Yue, K. Schirmer
  812 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkEnvironmental Photochemistry of Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins
R. A. Lundeen, E. M.-L. Janssen, C. Chu, K. McNeill*
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