CHIMIA 6/2015, Vol. 69


Catalytic Activation of Small Molecules
2015 06




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Scientific Articles 316  Icon SubscribedContent Icon ExternalLink Iridium-mediated Bond Activation and Water Oxidation as an Exemplary Case of CARISMA, A European Network for the Development of Catalytic Routines for Small Molecule Activation
G. Licini, M. Albrecht*
321  Icon SubscribedContent Icon ExternalLinkThe Role of Proton Transfer in Heterogeneous Transformations of Hydrocarbons
D. P. Estes, C. Copéret*
327  Icon SubscribedContent Icon ExternalLinkNitrous Oxide-dependentd Iron-catalyzed Coupling Reactions of Grignard Reagents
P. Döhlert, M. Weidauer, S. Enthaler*
331  Icon SubscribedContent Icon ExternalLinkNew Wind in Old Sails: Novel Applications of Triphos-based Transition Metal Complexes as Homogeneous Catalysts for Small Molecules and Renewables Activation
I. Mellone, F. Bertini, L. Gonsalvi*, A. Guerriero, M. Peruzzini*
339  Icon SubscribedContent Icon ExternalLinkEffect of 2-Propanol on the Transfer Hydrogenation of Aldehydes by Aqueous Sodium Formate using a Rhodium(I)-sulfonated Triphenylphosphine Catalyst
A. Kathó*, I. Szatmári, G. Papp, F. Joó
345  Icon SubscribedContent Icon ExternalLinkTransition Metal-free Methylation of Amines with Formaldehyde as the Reductant and Methyl Source
N. Y. T. Man, W. Li, S. G. Stewart, X.-F. Wu*
348  Icon SubscribedContent Icon ExternalLinkDehydrogenation of Formic Acid by Heterogeneous Catalysts
J. Li, Q.-L. Zhu, Q. Xu*
353  Icon SubscribedContent Icon ExternalLinkConditions for the Use of CO2
A. Dibenedetto*
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