CHIMIA 12/2015, Vol. 69


Energy Storage Research in Switzerland  The SCCER Heat & Electricity Storage
2015 12




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Evaluation of Metal Phosphide Nanocrystals as Anode Materials for Na-ion Batteries
M. Walter, M. I. Bodnarchuk, K. V. Kravchyk, M. V. Kovalenko*

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Electrode Engineering of Conversion-based Negative Electrodes for Na-ion Batteries
L. O. Vogt, C. Marino, C. Villevieille*


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Nanomaterials Meet Li-ion Batteries
N. H. Kwon*, J.-P. Brog, S. Maharajan, A. Crochet, K. M. Fromm*

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Stress-induced Ageing of Lithium-Ion Batteries
M. Held*, U. Sennhauser

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Storing Renewable Energy in the Hydrogen Cycle
A. Züttel*, E. Callini, S. Kato, Z. Ö. Kocabas Atakli

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Hydrogen Storage in the Carbon Dioxide – Formic Acid Cycle
C. Fink, M. Montandon-Clerc, G. Laurenczy*

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Redox Flow Batteries, Hydrogen and Distributed Storage
C. R. Dennison, H. Vrubel, V. Amstutz, P. Peljo, K. E. Toghill, H. H. Girault*

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CO2 Hydrogenation: Supported Nanoparticles vs. Immobilized Catalysts
S. Tada, I. Thiel, H.-K. Lo, C. Copéret*

765  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Soft Approaches to CO2  Activation
S. Das, F. D. Bobbink, A. Gopakumar, P. J. Dyson*
769  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Electrochemical CO2 Reduction – A Critical View on Fundamentals, Materials and Applications
J. Durst*, A. Rudnev*, A. Dutta, Y. Fu, J. Herranz, V. Kaliginedi, A. Kuzume, A. A. Permyakova, Y. Paratcha, P. Broekmann, T. J. Schmidt
777  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Storage of Heat, Cold and Electricity
A. Stamatiou, A. Ammann, A. Abdon, L. J. Fischer, D. Gwerder, J. Worlitschek*
780  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Phase Change Material Systems for High Temperature Heat Storage
D. Y. S. Perraudin, S. R. Binder, E. Rezaei, A. Ortona, S. Haussener*
784  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Seasonal Solar Thermal Absorption Energy Storage Development
X. Daguenet-Frick*, P. Gantenbein, M. Rommel, B. Fumey, R. Weber, K. Goonesekera, T. Williamson
789  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Challenges towards Economic Fuel Generation from Renewable Electricity: The Need for Efficient Electro-Catalysis
F. Le Formal, W. S. Bourée, M. S. Prévot, K. Sivula*
799  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Combined Sensible/Latent Thermal Energy Storage for High-Temperature Applications
L. Geissbühler, S. Zavattoni, M. Barbato, G. Zanganeh, A. Haselbacher*, A. Steinfeld
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