CHIMIA 5/2016, Vol. 70


Food Authenticity and Adulteration
2016 05



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Food Fraud Prevention: Policy, Strategy, and Decision-Making – Implementation Steps for a Government Agency or Industry
J. Spink*, N. D. Fortin, D. C. Moyer, H. Miao, Y. Wu

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Food Adulteration: From Vulnerability Assessment to New Analytical Solutions
C. Cavin*, G. Cottenet, C. Blancpain, T. Bessaire, N. Frank, P. Zbinden


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Food Adulteration in Switzerland: From ‘Ravioli’ over ‘Springbok’ to ‘Disco Sushi’
P. Hubner

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Use of Isotope Ratio Determination (13C/12C) to Assess the Production Method of Sparkling Wine
J. S. Rossier*, V. Maury, L. Gaillard, E. Pfammatter

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Locally Grown, Natural Ingredients? The Isotope Ratio Can Reveal a Lot!
J. S. Rossier*, V. Maury, E. Pfammatter

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Lactic Acid Bacteria as Markers for the Authentication of Swiss Cheeses
P. Lüdin*, U. von Ah, D. Rollier, A. Roetschi, E. Eugster

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Basmati Rice Fraud under the Magnifying Glass of DNA Analysis
F. Fridez

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Chemical Analysis: An Indispensable Means for Uncovering Severe Cases of Fraud with Cosmetics and Tattoo Inks
C. Hohl*, U. Hauri

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Protocatechuic Acid Levels Discriminate Between Organic and Conventional Wheat from Denmark
Y. Weesepoel, S. Heenan, R. Boerrigter-Eenling, T. Venderink, M. Blokland, S. van Ruth*

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