CHIMIA 6/2016, Vol. 70

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NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering
2016 06



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Complexity from Simple Building Blocks: Engineering Large-scale Information-processing Networks from Molecules
Y. Benenson

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From Photodriven Charge Accumulation to Fueling Enzyme Cascades in Molecular Factories
Y. Okamoto, T. R. Ward*, O. S. Wenger* 


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Engineering and Assembly of Protein Modules into Functional Molecular Systems
S. Hirschi, M. Stauffer, D. Harder, D. J. Müller, W. Meier, D. Fotiadis* 

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‘Active surfaces’ as Possible Functional Systems in Detection and Chemical (Bio) Reactivity
C. E. Housecroft*, C. G. Palivan, K. Gademann, W. Meier, M. Calame, V. Mikhalevich, X. Zhang, E. Piel, M. Szponarski, A. Wiesler, A. Lanzilotto, E. C. Constable, A. Fanget, R. L. Stoop

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Nucleocytoplasmic Transport: A Paradigm for Molecular Logistics in Artificial Systems
S. Vujica, C. Zelmer, R. Panatala, R. Y. H. Lim* 

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Interfacing Functional Systems
Y. Cotelle, N. Chuard, S. Lascano, V. Lebrun, R. Wehlauch, N. Bohni, S. Lörcher, V. Postupalenko, S. T. Reddy, W. Meier, C. G. Palivan, K. Gademann, T. R. Ward, S. Matile* 

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Artificial Organelles: Reactions inside Protein–Polymer Supramolecular Assemblies
M. Garni, T. Einfalt, M. Lomora, A. Car, W. Meier*, C. G. Palivan* 

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Compartmentalization – A Prerequisite for Maintaining and Changing an Identity
P. Rottmann, T. Ward, S. Panke* 

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Functional Nanopores: A Solid-state Concept for Artificial Reaction Compartments and Molecular Factories
G. Puebla-Hellmann*, M. Mayor, E. Lörtscher 

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Surveying the Delivery Methods of CRISPR/Cas9 for ex vivo Mammalian Cell Engineering
W. J. Kelton, T. Pesch, S. Matile, S. T. Reddy*

443  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Artificial Cell Research as a Field that Connects Chemical, Biological and Philosophical Questions
A. Deplazes-Zemp
449  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink On the Brink of Shifting Paradigms, Molecular Systems Engineering Ethics Needs to Take a Proactive Approach
R. Heidari, B. S. Elger, R. Stutzki*
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