CHIMIA 10/2016, Vol. 70


Malaria Vector Control
2016 10



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Discovery to Development: Insecticides for Malaria Vector Control
J. A. Turner*, C. N. E. Ruscoe, T. R. Perrior

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Discovery of Rigidified α,β-Unsaturated Imines as New Resistance-breaking Insecticides for Malaria Vector Control
A. Arlt, N. Böhnke, S. Horstmann, A. W. P. Vermeer, S. Werner, R.Velten*


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Identification and Optimization of New Leads for Malaria Vector Control
O. F. Hueter*, M. Hoppé, P. Wege, P. Maienfisch*


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Bivalent Carbamates as Novel Control Agents of the Malaria Mosquito, Anopheles gambiae
J. M. Mutunga, Q.-H. Chen, D. M. Wong, P. C-H. Lam, J. Li, M. M. Totrov, A. D. Gross, P. R. Carlier, J. R. Bloomquist*


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Vector Control in Developing Countries: Challenges and Solutions
C. S. Allardyce, P. J. Dyson*, M. Grätzel


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Chemosterilants for Control of Insects and Insect Vectors of Disease
R. H. G. Baxter*


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Evaluation of Commercial Agrochemicals as New Tools for Malaria Vector Control
M. Hoppé*, O. F. Hueter, A. Bywater, P. Wege, P. Maienfisch*

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