CHIMIA 11/2016, Vol. 70


New Faculty in Switzerland
2016 11



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Cysteine-specific Chemical Proteomics: From Target Identification to Drug Discovery
D. G. Hoch, D. Abegg, C. Wang, A. Shuster, A. Adibekian*

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Selectivity Control in the Palladium-catalyzed Cross-coupling of Alkyl Nucleophiles
O. Baudoin


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Living on the Edge: Re-shaping the Interface of Synthetic Biology and Nanotechnology
S.-J. Wu, A. A. Boghossian*


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Colloidal Chemistry to Advance Studies in Artificial Photosynthesis
R. Buonsanti


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The Role of Molecular Imaging in Personalised Healthcare
J. P. Holland


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Intracellular Photoactivation and Quantification Using Fluorescence Microscopy: Chemical Tools and Imaging Approaches
G. Bassolino, P. Rivera-Fuentes*


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Engineering Two-dimensional Materials Surface Chemistry
C.-J. Shih


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Self-assembled Lipid Structures as Model Systems for Studying Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Cell Membranes
K. Sugihara


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Exploring Catalysis inside Self-assembled Supramolecular Containers
L. Catti, T. M. Bräuer, Q. Zhang, K.Tiefenbacher*

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