CHIMIA 3/2017, Vol. 71


Bioorganometallic Chemistry and Mechanisms
2017 03



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Mechanistic Insights into Gold Organometallic Compounds and their Biomedical Applications
S. Jürgens, A. Casini*

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Investigation of Non-covalent Interactions of Metal Complexes with DNA in Cell-free Systems
A. Erxleben


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Spectroscopic Approaches to Tracking Metal-based Drugs in Cells and Tissue
A. K. Renfrew


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Transition Metal-based Anticancer Drugs Targeting Nucleic Acids: A Tandem Mass Spectrometric Investigation
R. P. Eberle, Y. Hari, S. Schürch*


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Metabolic Profiling of Cells in Response to Drug Treatment Using 1H High-resolution Magic Angle Spinning (HR-MAS) NMR Spectroscopy
M. Vermathen*, G. Diserens, P. Vermathen, J. Furrer*

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