CHIMIA 5/2017, Vol. 71

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The Lausanne Centre for Ultrafast Science (LACUS)
2017 05



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Harmonium: An Ultrafast Vacuum Ultraviolet Facility
C. A. Arrell*, J. Ojeda, L. Longetti, A. Crepaldi, S. Roth, G. Gatti, A. Clark, F. van Mourik, M. Drabbels, M. Grioni, M. Chergui

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Time-resolved ARPES at LACUS: Band Structure and Ultrafast Electron Dynamics of Solids
A. Crepaldi, S. Roth, G. Gatti, C. A. Arrell, J. Ojeda, F. van Mourik, P. Bugnon, A. Magrez, H. Berger, M. Chergui, M. Grioni*


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Aqueous Nanoscale Systems
S. Roke


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Several Semiclassical Approaches to Time-resolved Spectroscopy
J. Vaníček


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The LOUVRE Laboratory: State-of-the-Art Ultrafast Ultraviolet Spectroscopies for Molecular and Materials Science
M. Oppermann, N. S. Nagornova, A. Oriana, E. Baldini, L. Mewes, B. Bauer, T. Palmieri, T. Rossi, F. van Mourik, M. Chergui*


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Ultrafast Laser to Tailor Material Properties: An Enabling Tool in Advanced Threedimensional Micromanufacturing
Y. Bellouard


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Opportunities for Chemistry at the SwissFEL X-ray Free Electron Laser
C. J. Milne*, P. Beaud, Y. Deng, C. Erny, R. Follath, U. Flechsig, C. P. Hauri, G. Ingold, P. Juranic, G. Knopp, H. Lemke, B. Pedrini, P. Radi, L. Patthey

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