CHIMIA 9/2017, Vol. 71


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Renaissance of an Old Topic: From Borazines to BN-doped Nanographenes
M. M. Lorenzo-García, D. Bonifazi*

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Oxidation of N,N-Disubstituted Hydroxylamines to Nitrones: The Search for More Sustainable Selective and Practical Stoichiometric Oxidants
C. Matassini*, F. Cardona*

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Stereoselective Reactions with Chiral Schiff Bases Metal Complexes
A. Gualandi, C. M. Wilson, P. G. Cozzi*


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Chemical Functionalization of Carbon Nanomaterials: Bridging the Gap between Simple Carriers and Smart (Metal-free) Catalysts
G. Tuci, L. Luconi, A. Rossin, G. Giambastiani*


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Arene Ruthenium(II) Complexes with Phosphorous Ligands as Possible Anticancer Agents
L. Biancalana, G. Pampaloni, F. Marchetti*


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Enantioselective Reductions Promoted by (Cyclopentadienone)iron Complexes
U. Piarulli*, S. Vailati Fachini, L. Pignataro


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The Stille Reaction: Applications in the Synthesis of Organic Dyes for DSSCs
G. Reginato*, A. Mordini*, L. Zani, M. Calamante, A. Dessì, D. Franchi


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Organic Diselenides: Versatile Reagents, Precursors, and Intriguing Biologically Active Compounds
C. Santi*, C. Tomassini, L. Sancineto

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Catalytic Arene-forming Aldol Condensation: Stereoselective Synthesis of Rotationally Restricted Aromatic Compounds
V. C. Fäseke, R. M. Witzig, A. Link, D. Lotter, C. Sparr§*

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