CHIMIA 11/2017, Vol. 71


2017 11



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Additives, Hole Transporting Materials and Spectroscopic Methods to Characterize the Properties of Perovskite Films
A. Ummadisingu, J. Y. Seo, M. Stojanovic, S. M. Zakeeruddin, M. Grätzel, A. Hagfeldt, N. Vlachopoulos*, M.Saliba*

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Ionic Liquids: From Synthesis to Applications in Solar Cells
Z. Fei, V. M. Manzanares, P. J. Dyson*

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Time-resolved Element-selective Probing of Charge Carriers in Solar Materials
J. Budarz, F. G. Santomauro, M. H. Rittmann-Frank, C. J. Milne, T. Huthwelker, D. Grolimund, J. Rittmann, D. Kinschel, T. Rossi, M. Chergui*

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Synthesis, Characterization of Zinc Complexes with Neutral α-Diimine Ligands and Application in Ring-Opening Polymerization of ε-Caprolactone
X. Wang*, X. Liu, J. Huang

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