CHIMIA 7-8/2018, Vol. 72

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SCS Laureates and Awards &
Fall Meeting 2018
2018 07 08



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Radicals and Polymers
P. Nesvadba
KGF-SCS Senior Industrial Investigator Award 2016

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Glycine Transporter Type I (GlyT1) Inhibitor, Bitopertin: A Journey from Lab to Patient
E. Pinard*§, E. Borroni, A. Koerner, D. Umbricht, D. Alberati
§SISF-SCS Senior Industrial Investigator Award 2017

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Vitamins and Nutraceuticals from the Perspective of Process Research
T. Netscher
SISF-SCS Senior Industrial Investigator Award 2017

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Efficient Industrial Synthesis of the MDM2 Antagonist Idasanutlin via a Cu(I)-catalyzed [3+2] Asymmetric Cycloaddition
D. Fishlock*, R. Diodone, S. Hildbrand, B. Kuhn, C. Mössner, C. Peters, P. D. Rege, G. Rimmler, M. Schantz
Sandmeyer Award 2017

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Applications and Prospects for Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Photon Upconversion
M. P. Rauch, R. R. Knowles*§
§Grammaticakis-Neumann Prize 2017

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Advancing Computational Approaches for Study and Design in Catalysis
S. Luber
Werner Prize 2018

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Mesoporous Silica for Triphase Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions
S. Feng, Y. Li, H. Liu, J. Huang, C. Ji, L. Qiao, B. Liu, J. Ji*

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