CHIMIA 6/2019, Vol. 73


Dimensionality in Chemistry
2019 06



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Organic Molecular Weaves
A. Herdlitschka, B. Lewandowski, H. Wennemers*

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From the Loom to the Laboratory: Molecular Textiles
A. Di Silvestro, M. Mayor*

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Ditopic and Tetratopic 4,2':6',4''-Terpyridines as Structural Motifs in 2D and 3D-Coordination Assemblies
C. E. Housecroft*, E. C. Constable

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Nano-thin 2D Soft Materials – Design Principles and Prospects
M. Vybornyi, H. Yu, R. Häner*

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Synthesis of Molecular 2D Materials via Low-energy Electron Induced Chemical Reactions
A. Turchanin

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Interfacial Synthesis of Structurally Defined Organic Two-dimensional Materials: Progress and Perspectives
H. Sahabudeen, R. Dong, X. Feng*

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Progress in Synthetic 2D Polymers Obtained at the Air/Water Interface
A. D. Schlüter

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Two-dimensional Polymers in Microscopy and Spatially Resolved Vibrational Analysis – A Review
T. S. G. Niepel, Y. Pandey, R. Zenobi*

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Ten Years of Liquid-phase Exfoliation of Layered Crystals – A Bright Future ahead?
C. Backes


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