CHIMIA 6/2012, Vol. 66

Organic Free Radicals Cover CHIMIA 6/2012

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Cover: Three recent reactions described in this issue of CHIMIA developed by Procter (page 399), Movassaghi (page 389) and Chiba (page 377) demonstrating the power of organic free radicals in synthesis.


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Biomimetic Models of Radical Stress and Related Biomarkers
C. Chatgilialoglu*, C. Ferreri, A. Masi, M. Melchiorre, A. Sansone, M. A. Terzidis, A. Torreggiani 

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The Development of Organic Super Electron Donors
S. Zhou, H. Farwaha, J. A. Murphy* 

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Icon ExternalLinkHomolytic Reduction of Onium Salts
L. Fensterbank*, J.-P. Goddard*, M. Malacria*, C. Ollivier* 

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Enzyme-triggered Radical Reactions: Another Approach For Tin-free Radical Chemistry
I. Cissokho, A.-M. Farnet, E. Ferré, M. P. Bertrand, G. Gil, S. Gastaldi* 

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Photoredox Catalysis for Polymerization Reactions
J. Lalevée*, M.-A. Tehfe, F. Morlet-Savary, B. Graff, F. Dumur, D. Gigmes, N. Blanchard, J.-P. Fouassier 

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