CHIMIA 3/2009, Vol. 63

Young Academics in Switzerland Part 2 2012 03

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  105 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkAbnormal Carbenes as Ligands in Transition Metal Chemistry: Curiosities with Exciting Perspectives
M. Albrecht
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Icon ExternalLinkUnderstanding a Heterogeneous Catalyst in Action
J. A. van Bokhoven,* C. Kartusch, S. Satav 

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Anion/Cation Layers at Electrified Interfaces: A Comprehensive STM, XRD and XPS Case Study
D. T. Pham, Hu. Keller, S. Breuer, S. Huemann, N. T. N. Hai, C. Zoerlein, K. Wandelt, P. Broekmann* 

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Icon ExternalLinkExploring Metal Ion Coordination to Nucleic Acids by NMR
S. Johannsen, M. M. T. Korth, J. Schnabl, R. K. O. Sigel* 

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Interaction of Novel Metal Complexes with DNA: Synthetic and Structural Aspects
B. Spingler*, C. Da Pieve, A. Medina-Molner, P. M. Antoni, M. G. Santangelo 

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