CHIMIA 5/2012, Vol. 66

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How to Increase the Safety and Ef cacy of Compounds against Neurodegeneration? A Multifunctional Approach
A. Nurisso, C. Simoes-Pires, S. Martel, D. Cressend, A. Guillot, P.-A. Carrupt* 

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Dosage Optimization of Treatments Using Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling and Simulation
M. Guidi, M. Arab-Alameddine, M. Rotger, M. Aouri, A. Telenti, L. A. Decosterd, T. Buclin, C. Csajka*, the Swiss HIV Cohort Study 

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Validation of the Simpli ed UVB Model to Assess the Pharmacodynamics of Analgesics in Healthy Human Volunteers
K. Ing Lorenzini, M. Besson, Y. Daali, D. Salomon, P. Dayer, J. Desmeules* 

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New Insights in Pharmaceutical Analysis
D. Guillarme, J. Schappler, J. Boccard, J.-L. Veuthey, S. Rudaz* 

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V. Viette, D. Hochstrasser, M. Fathi* 

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