CHIMIA 4/2011, Vol. 65

Laureates: Awards and Honors, SCS Fall Meeting 2010 2011 04

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Every year the Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting gives young research chemists the opportunity to present their research to the Swiss chemical sciences community. In 2010, at ETH Hönggerberg, 570 chemists took up this opportunity and this issue contains articles by the best oral communication and poster prize winners, sponsored by the Metrohm Foundation and DSM Nutritional Products respectively.

The front cover shows the cucurbit[8]uril-mediated catalytic cycle for the photodimerization of coumarins by Prof. J. Sivaguru, who was awarded the Grammaticakis-Neumann Prize 2010 at the SCS Fall Meeting.


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Icon ExternalLinkFun with Photons: Selective Light Induced Reactions in Solution and in Water Soluble Nano-containers
A. Ayitou, B. C. Pemberton, E. Kumarasamy, N. Vallavoju, J. Sivaguru* 


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Hydrogen Storage in Formic Acid – Amine Adducts
A. Boddien§*, F. Gärtner, D. Mellmann, P. Sponholz, H. Junge, G. Laurenczy, M. Beller* 


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Icon ExternalLinkA Density Dependent Dispersion Correction
S. N. Steinmann§, C. Corminboeuf* 


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Functional Group Distributions on Mesoporous Silica
N. Gartmann§, D. Brühwiler* 


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NMR of Insensitive Nuclei Enhanced by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
P. Miéville§*, S. Jannin*, L. Helm, G. Bodenhausen 


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Functionalizable Oligoprolines as Molecular Scaffolds
Y. A. Nagel§, M. Kuemin, H. Wennemers* 


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