CHIMIA 10/2010, Vol. 64

Mineralogy 2010 10

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This special issue of CHIMIA contains a series of research and review articles in the field of mineralogy. It is not only the beauty of the mineral kingdom but also the diversity of the discipline, which makes this subject so attractive. By definition minerals are crystalline solids formed by a geological process. There are more than 4000 published mineral species. Each year this number increases by approximately another 50. The cover page highlights the aesthetics of a mineral assemblage showing a blue topaz Al2[SiO4]F2 crystal by quartz SiO2 and the mica muscovite KAl2[AlSi3O10](F,OH)2, grown on bladed albite Na[AlSi3O8], a member of the feldspar group (photograph: O. Medenbach). Today, mineralogy has advanced to material sciences of natural inorganic matter including their synthetic analogs. 

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693 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkA Novel Route for the Synthesis of Mesoporous and Low-Thermal Stability Materials by Coupled Dissolution-Reprecipitation Reactions: Mimicking Hydrothermal Mineral Formation
J. Brugger*, A. McFadden, C. E. Lenehan, B. Etschmann, F. Xia, J. Zhao, A. Pring


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Phase Decomposition upon Alteration of Radiation-Damaged Monazite–(Ce) from Moss, Østfold, Norway
L. Nasdala*, K. Ruschel, D. Rhede, R. Wirth, L. Kerschhofer-Wallner, A. K. Kennedy, P. D. Kinny, F. Finger, N. Groschopf 


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Icon ExternalLinkCation Ordering and Superstructures in Natural Layered Double Hydroxides
S. V. Krivovichev*, V. N. Yakovenchuk, A. A. Zolotarev, Jr., G. N. Ivanyuk, Y. A. Pakhomovsky 


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