CHIMIA 11/2010, Vol. 64

Swiss Biotech - Focus Industrial Biotechnology

2010 11

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This issue of CHIMIA gives an update on the tremendous opportunities in the field of industrial biotechnology. The sector is often referred to as ‘Cleantech by Biotech’ or ‘Green Chemistry’ to highlight the important role of switching industrial chemical synthesis to processes combining the best of chemistry and biotechnology to contribute towards a more sustainable environment. The Swiss Biotech Association continues to work closely together with the SGCI, the SKB and the SIBC (Swiss Industrial Biocataysis Consortium) to increase the awareness of this attractive segment of the industry. It also works closely with swiTT – the national association of Technology Transfer Professionals, which represents a perfect link to the academic institutions and its potential economic output along the value chain.


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777 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkSwiss Biotech – An Overview of the Industry and the Key Stakeholders 2010
D. P. Alexakis
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Swiss Industrial Biocatalysis Consortium (SIBC)
B. Wirz*, M. Kittelmann, H.-P. Meyer, R. Wohlgemuth 

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Culture Collections and the Biotechnology Deal
M. Sievers*, G. Dasen, T. Wermelinger, S. Landert, D. Frasson 

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Development and Characterization of an Enzymatic Method for the Rapid Determination of Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid
M. A. Sciotti*, L. Hasan, A. Scholer, T. M. Jermann, J. M. Weber, D. Gygax 

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Continuous Micro-Production Using Enzymatic Reaction and Online Monitoring
R. Moser, T. Chappuis, E. Vanoli, S. Crelier, O. Naef* 

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Tissue Engineering – The Gateway to Regenerative Medicine
E. Bono, S. H. Mathes, N. Franscini, U. Graf-Hausner* 

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Innovative, Non-stirred Bioreactors in Scales from Milliliters up to 1000 Liters for Suspension Cultures of Cells using Disposable Bags and Containers – A Swiss Contribution
S. Werner, R. Eibl, C. Lettenbauer, M. Röll, D. Eibl, M. De Jesus, X. Zhang, M. Stettler, S. Tissot, C. Bürki, G. Broccard, M. Kühner, R. Tanner, L. Baldi, D. Hacker, F. M. Wurm* 

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