CHIMIA 3/2014, Vol. 68


Mass Spectrometry in Switzerland 2014 03


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Icon ExternalLinkElement Analysis of Small and even Smaller Objects by ICPMS and LA-ICPMS
O. Borovinskaya, M. Burger, L. Flamigni, S. Gschwind, D. Tabersky, H. A. O. Wang, B. Hattendorf, J. Koch, D. Günther* 

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Mass Spectrometry Research at the Laboratory for Organic Chemistry, ETH Zurich
K. Barylyuk, V. Frankevich, A. J. Ibáñez, P. Martinez-Lozano Sinues, R. Zenobi* 

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Mass Spectrometry in Earth Sciences: The Precise and Accurate Measurement of Time
U. Schaltegger*, J.-F. Wotzlaw, M. Ovtcharova, M. Chiaradia, R. Spikings 

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Icon ExternalLinkVitamin E and Vitamin E Acetate Absorption from Self-assembly Systems under Pancreas Insuf ciency Conditions
K. Nagy, B. Lobo, M.-C. Courtet-Compondu, S. Braga-Lagache, L. Ramos, V. Puig-Divi, F. Azpiroz, J. R. Malagelada, M. Beaumont, J. Moulin, S. Acquistapace, L. Sagalowicz, M. Kussmann*, J. Santos, B. Holst, G. Williamson 

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Mass Spectrometry in Environmental Toxicology
K. J. Groh, M. J.-F. Suter* 

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Conquering the Outdoors with On-site Mass Spectrometry
L. Mächler, M. S. Brennwald, L. Tyroller, D. M. Livingstone, R. Kipfer* 

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Icon ExternalLinkElucidation of Nucleic Acid–Drug Interactions by Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Y. Hari, A. Nyakas, S. R. Stucki, S. Schürch* 

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