CHIMIA 4/2010, Vol. 64

Young Academics in Switzerland Part III 2010 04

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The title page shows a selection of environmentally relevant oxide nanomaterials synthesized in the group of Greta R. Patzke from the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Zurich. In the center, the channel motif of the hexagonal W/Mo-oxides is indicated and the according electron microscopy images illustrate how their nanoscale morphology can be modified through incorporated alkali cations. This affects the growth mechanism of the oxides under hydrothermal conditions as well as their gas-sensing properties. The bismuth-containing oxide materials (bottom) offer interesting application options in humidity sensing and photocatalysis.


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Icon ExternalLinkThe Metal-Thiolate Clusters of Plant Metallothioneins
E. Freisinger


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Icon ExternalLinkUnderstanding Selective Oxidations
U. Neuenschwander, N. Turrà, C. Aellig, P. Mania, I. Hermans* 



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Spectral Aliasing: A Super Zoom for 2D-NMR Spectra. Principles and Applications
G. Bayiha Ba Njock, D. E. Pegnyemb, T. A. Bartholomeusz, P. Christen, B. Vitorge, J.-M. Nuzillard, R. Shivapurkar, M. Foroozandeh, D. Jeannerat* 



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